First few days of a new life in Australia

Well guess who welcomed me off the plane in Australia, my (hopefully visa permitting) soon-to-be new country? SANTA CLAUS! Slightly dazed after 16 hours from L.A., we stumbled off our flight to be… Continue reading

A True Travel Love Story

I’d left England for many reasons. My feet were itchy and it was time for another explore. What did I have to stay for anyway? I’d quit my PR job and vowed never… Continue reading

Battling the mud and winning: El Mirador 5 day hike, Guatemala

On 30th November, we set off on the most challenging hike of my life: a 5 day, 100km round trip to the largest Mayan city ever – El Mirador, Guatemala. Our small party… Continue reading

This girl’s emotional strength has given me a path. This blog is dedicated to an incredible girl, blogger and artist called Sarah Treanor. Hers is the blog I have followed throughout my travels and life over the past 18 months more… Continue reading

The Proposal on El Camino!

Day 31: We arrive in Santiago de Compostela!!

* insert 700km in the space :-)

Day 30: A naughty drawing on El Camino ;-)

Yellow arrows painted on everything from 200 year old trees to barn doors guided us on our 700km journey. Someone got creative with this one!The wonderful ladies we met who made my evening… Continue reading

Day 29: The most luxurious albergue going and a little bit of wine. On El Camino.

Day 28: An inspiring red head and yum octopus. El Camino.

Day 27: Wilderness coffee and a pagan temple on El Camino