Putting community and coffee first at Wiltons

A tiny corner of Wilton's is devoted to the community radio station "London Fields Radio"

Having a coffee in Hackney is one of life’s pure pleasures simply because there are so many fantastic places to choose from. Yesterday my friend Zoe Speed (yes, that really is her name since June when she married!) and I met up at Wiltons on Wilton Way, a coffee shop which pretty much encapsulates everything I love about Hackney in one tiny place.

It looks packed out when we arrived, but there were a couple of stools just being vacated by the radio booth in the corner window. How cool is that – a local radio station in a cafe! Check out London Fields Radio here.

 Unfurled old school fruit wrappers were hung up on string as an arty thing that makes a good and pretty talking point, whether you think it’s art or not. The staff were super friendly and down to earth in a I’ve-lived-in-Hackney-for-a-while-now-and-don’t-put-up-with-tw*ts way, and that was it, it wasn’t pretentious, it was neighbourhoody filled with coffee and kids. And what coffee! My mocha was super smooth and barely tasted of the over-sweet junk most coffee venders put in pretending it’s chocolate.

Zoe and I leant on the wooden window shelf and had a really good, intense chat… while my eye occasionally wandered to the extremely yum looking guacamole toast being devoured to my right.

Wiltons on Wilton Way, E8 rocks. Like a crib. I left feeling utterly zen.

You can just see our lovely coffee angel at the back.... Wiltons Cafe, E8