People to make you say YES!

Although I could write at length about all the inspiring people I know, I’m going to stick to the ones who blog. Not only because they blog and since I know them, they give me a believing boost that I can blog too, but also because they’re kind, clever, inspiring people that put fun at the forefront of their lives – just where it should be.

Let me start with YES girl Fern. Everyone needs someone in their lives that’s an absolute ray of light and positivity. Check out Fern’s blog No matter what happens to this girl – redundancy being a recent blow, she just gets up, improvises and impresses! And she raps! How cool is that? She puts music at the centre of her path whether it’s through rapping to her past employers or putting so many links to happy tunes on Facebook. We say YES!

The giant spangled YES at this year’s Secret Garden Party, oh YES!

This image is borrowed off the lovely Zoe Bowring’s blog. This girl is a little bit magical writing poems about pirates, sharing her beautiful drawings and letting us know what she deems important in life – things like community, spontaneity and again, music! Where Fern’s word is YES, Zoe’s is LOVE, specifically Neon Flashing Hearts of Love, a type of love we discovered along with our best friend Zoe Speed (nee, the one and only Zoe de Pass). This love has moved from a morning with a bottle of Jack Daniels and best friends to a mini festival and it’s a theme running through our friendship like a beautiful ribbony river. See what it does to you? (And my prose?!) Check out Zoe’s creativity and musings at


Neon Flashing Hearts of Love at the Saatchi Gallery

And so on to Zoe Speed, who’s word is Believe. All I really know about her job is that she’s titled ‘Queen of Innovation and Insights’ or something like that. She seems to know everything about the digital revolution, where she gets the time to research the future in between getting married and entirely gutting and rebuilding her flat, I don’t know. Go to to see a whole bunch of cool stuff – advertising, branding, slick design and innovative bits and pieces. She is also my life guru, giving me my favourite mantra…follow my blog and I’ll tell you what it is!
And so moving away from the London life Fern, Zoe and Zoe represent, we go to BARBADOS! I’m full of admiration for Penny Bowring, Zoe’s sister because in May 2010 she moved to Barbados and I know how hard being an expat can be having lived in Stockholm for a year. It can be lonely at times, being so far from friends (and I was a lot closer), but she’s making it her own with exciting plans. It also helps that her beautiful nature enables her to make friends wherever she goes. Check out her unbiased blog about life in Barbados, it’s the beginning of great things


Penny rides the wave

YES! Positivity breeds self-belief, which results in daring and fun!

Love. Don’t need to add to that.
Believe! Zoe Speed inspires through her career, ridiculously varied interests, love of partying and she’s my life guru. She builds bridges to the future.
Barbados girl – on the other side of the world Penny’s inspiring, creating and making things happen. Watch her empire…
Thanks guys!