Wasteland Re-evaluated: A Study in Stockholm

On my first and last nights in Stockholm, I stayed at my friends’ apartment in a fresh and rather wonderful district called Hägersten-Liljeholmen. In the last three years it has been transformed from an industrial wasteland into a mixed-use area of balconied residential apartments, shiny glass office blocks and huge, beautifully urban-landscaped squares.

London is pretty up on the scene of inner city regeneration, but it’s a big opportunity in smaller cities like the Swedish capital. At Liljeholmen and specifically an area called Sjovikskajen, there’s even a sculpture park and luxurious decking skirting the water’s edge which continues out into the water for idyllic sunbathing and swimming. Stockholm’s water is so clean that one can swim anywhere, even right in the centre of the city. Liljeholmen is just a few stops on the underground train from Central Station.

Looking across the water at typical Liljeholmen kajen buildings with their colourful balconies and beautiful sculptures.

A futuristic path through the square, Sjovikstorget. My way to the tube station!

Sunbathing and swimming decking opposite apartments

The decking in use! We're facing the apartments. So flattering! (Hideous, but you get the idea.)

Looking left from my friends' Anders' and Karin's balcony

The view looking forward right from their balcony - no neighbours at the weekend!

Thanks Anders and Karin for putting me up yet again!

Here’s a map of Stockholm with Liljeholmen marked in red:

Map showing Stockholm, Liljeholmen marked with a red blob.