Some Favourite Travel Photos (I took)

I’ve been lucky enough to travel and live in some beautiful places and so have seen some stunning sights. I’m not going to bore you with thousands of pictures (just six). Sadly for you they’re all of places in Australia or people in Stockholm so not so varied. Happily for me, self-centred blogger that I am, they’re all pictures that make me very very zen. Read the captions.

This was the most awe-inspiring, transcending sunrise or even moment of my life ever. Byron Bay

Out on an evening walk with Zoe Bowring of Neon Flashing Hearts blog, in Sydney

Camped from Byron Bay via Sydney then across the Nullarbor Desert to Perth. Found this lagoon just off the beach at an empty campsite. Peaceful yet wildly torn, like ripped veins.

Anders and Anders just after a swim and just before we leave the weekend party. Stockholm boys.

It's Stockholm. It's winter. It's freezing. We're on public transport and the beer bottle is too cold to hold. So obviously you put it in your mitten. The Stockholm version of NYC's brown paper bag. It all makes perfect sense (right?) until you ask: Why are Lena and Taisa wearing the same clothes? This is not one of my all time best travel photos, but I LOVE IT. Almost the same amount as Taisa loves her beer here...

Sunrise on the Nullarbor Desert. Me and the ex were living in this truck for some months crossing Australia. And back. Saw a few of these beauties.

So I could have shown you South East Asia, Turkey, Finland, Wales (yes seriously!) but I guess I’ll have to do another travel photo post with Australia and people in Stockholm strictly forbidden. In the spirit of Neon Flashing: LOVE.