Duchess Dollface aka my friend Sophie

This blog is about things that inspire me or make me go “Wow”. So this post is about my friend Sophie’s face. I call her Duchess Dollface. The Duchess part we won’t go into, suffice to say that there is something fairly regal about her. The Dollface? Well, just take a look. It’s so striking that my mum asked to take her photo so she could draw it for her weekly art class.

As much as I’m inspired by Duchess Dollface’s face, I wouldn’t write about her just because of her looks. Well, maybe I would. But she is also a beautifully strong person who talks me through all my stuff, deals with her life stuff incredibly well. AND she’s an amazing musician. Go Duchess!

Sophie and the spoon

I always love a good before and after shot:

Dollface (Duchess isn't in this one) in Stockholm - before. Roah!

Duchess Dollface in Stockholm - after. Yeah.

Dollface spilt on the floor laughing, we were outdoors, it was summer.

Dreamy Duchess Dollface Drawing

Hidden face, but all Sophie Duchess Dollface

Thanks Sophie, you rock.