Places you must visit (if you get half a chance)

I’m very grateful to MiniStateofMind for ‘liking’ my last post because it made me discover them and their links to things I actually want to read, especially this list of 10 unique places around the world. Click! Even if only for the photos of these crazy places all of which I want to visit.
And now, some photos of crazy places I’ve been…some I just like and a funny little animal called a quokka.
The Pinnacles, Western Australia
There are a lot more Pinnacles than shown in this picture. This desert area of dunes next to the coast stretches for quite a way and is really quite breathtaking. I was quite transfixed by the dual coloured landscape of almost chemical yellow and cobalt sky. The Pinnacles are up to 4m tall and made from limestone formed from seashells a long long time ago. They make up part of Nambung National Park in Western Australia and are only three hour’s drive from Perth.

Hot air ballooning over fairy chimneys at Cappadocia, Turkey

The magical landscape of Cappadocia in Anatolia, central Turkey was formed by three now inactive volcanoes. A layer of lava 150m deep was eroded by rivers and wind leaving ‘fairy chimneys’ up to 40m tall. In some places the mountains look like folded, creamy silk floating into valleys and then in the valleys the fairy chimneys sprout up like magical mushrooms. It’s best seen by hot air balloon. There are loads of companies (obviously, check out the pic!), but our hotel organised our trip for us very efficiently. We stayed in a room carved out of a hill at The Traveller’s Cave in Goreme, which was brilliant. Cheap, cheerful and full of cats. Don’t go there if you don’t like cats.

We flew to Istanbul, got a flight with Pegasus shortly after landing to Kayseri Airport, thereby avoiding the long journey into Istanbul itself. Traveller’s Cave organised our transfer. We left after five days on the $40 overnight bus to travel back to Istanbul, saving on accommodation. Book it on the day from the bus park offices on the main street, we went with Metro who were recommended to us and were great.

The wild and windswept beach at Aberdovey, Wales

Ok, so it was drizzling slightly and the wind was whipping my hair about my face, but as I ran along deserted Aberdovey beach, mid Wales, I felt total freedom and utter exhilaration. All these photos are taken with a standard Sony digital camera with no photoshopping, so you can see that this beach is so wide I couldn’t fit it in the shot. The dunes are immense and beautiful, and the quaint, stuck-in-time town of Aberdovey is just around the corner at the end of the beach. Go there soon – the restaurants are exceptional, but the shops haven’t got too commercial yet. Clothing store Fat Face was the first chain to open there and it appeared this summer. Check out The Penhelig Arms and Seabreeze for city quality dining, but with fresh local produce. The Treffedian Hotel is good according to the reviews on Trip Advisor, we have a timeshare nearby.

Cazbag up close with a quokka on Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Rottnest is a beautiful, car-less island just off Perth in Western Australia. I did say that I would put up photos of other places before Australia, but I’ve spent so much time in this fabulous country and have so many great photos and experiences, I had to include some in this post. Rottnest has a large population of quokkas and at night these fearless little marsupials come out in their hundreds to nibble at the grasses. The best way to see Rottnest is from the air with a scenic flight, and it’s pretty cheap with a joyflight. Wiki says it’s illegal to touch quokkas btw, so don’t touch them!

To finish, two more pictures of Rottnest. It really is beautiful.

Rottnest at dusk

One of Rottnest's beautiful beaches