Crazy trees in Greece

I took my laptop to Lemnos, a Greek island in the middle of the Aegean sea and forgot my camera cable, so there’ve been no posts for a while. But on the plus side I get to group the photos quite nicely into themes and the first is CRAZY TREES OF GREECE! Ok, so they were all actually on the Hotel Villa Afroditi grounds, but they are pretty cool.

The owner, Peter, has trained up three gardeners now. The first two both left to start up their own tree clipping businesses. He’s hoping the last will stay loyal.

All you need is a Love tree x

And then some that remind me a little of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air…

Fresh Prince?

No! Bert and Ernie! “Rubber duckie, you’re the one! You make bath time lots of fun!” (Got to love vintage Sesame Street.)

Another 80s tree, think T shirts or hair styles...

Yes there are even more exciting pictures of crazy trees, but I’ll refrain from posting them lest you get overwhelmed. I’ll finish with an overview taken from my balcony:

The Garden of Crazy Trees

Wait! I’ve just got to put in the twirly ones!

Yeeeeaaaahhh, twirly trees.

The whole of Lemnos is pretty much brown and barren (check the background of Twirlies), a serious amount of water goes into this garden. But in my opinion (inner eco warrior has a quick battle with my inner child of wonder, ggggrr……child won) the beautiful, mysterious Alice in Wonderland result is definitely worth it.