Art: Soap Bubbles and Spiderwebs in Berlin

Imagine giant balls of transparency moored to the ground by thick black string, tugging at their bonds, ready to escape into the ether. Trussed into submission, some contain bubbling water, others hold peculiar floating gardens; all exist as part of an homage to fantasy and the organic. These are ‘Cloud Cities‘ Argentian artist and imaginarian Tomas Saraceno has created for an exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, a converted railway station in Berlin. I went there today with the lovely Taisa who features in one of the pictures.

Wonderfully, Saraceno invites visitors to interact with his work, walking beneath and around the biospheres and in two cases one can actually climb ladders and enter the floating worlds. This visionary artist is inspired by soap bubbles and the incredible strength and flexibility of spider webs. His exhibition ends 15th January 2012 and is surrounded by rooms of permanent art by the likes of Warhol and Rauschenberg. Go if you’re in Berlin! And thanks so much to Ministateofmind for your blog post suggesting it was a Berlin must.

The hall is huge, see how many biospheres you can spot (can you see the one just made of string like a spherical spiderweb?)

In summer 2009 Saraceno completed NASA’s International Space Studies Programme in Silicon Vallez, USA.

Taisa and soap bubbles

Definitely my favourite, check out this close up:

Soap bubbles up close

“These installations intend to shatter traditional concepts of place, time, gravitz and traditional ideas on architecture.” I think he achieved his aim.

Floating mini gardens of futuristic ferns

One more…

Floating up or coming down?

And doesn’t this all remind you a little bit of the floating island at Secret Garden Party this year? Man, that was a good festival.

The Floating Island went missing, cut lose by some reprobates it floated off into our stratosphere never to be seen again.