And then the smelly women pushed the men off the cliff.

That’s how the Greek myth of Lemnos goes anyway. Aphrodite was so angry with the women of Lemnos for not worshiping her that she made them all stink. So their husbands left them and took new wives. So the stinkies got all the men completely drunk, rounded them up and pushed them off a cliff. Nice. There was an Amazonian style era for a while, then a new lot of men arrived on the island. Perhaps they had a bad sense of smell, maybe they liked that particular stench, whatever it was, the stinkyness was overlooked and they all got married again. What happened to the new brides of the murdered menfolk? How could the new chaps stand the stink? Who knows.

Being smack bang in the middle of the Aegean Sea crisscrossed by traders for a few thousand years, Lemnos has a lot of history. However it’s an extremely dry and windy island so its beauty lies in rocky hills, peaceful sunsets and vine ceiling-ed, courtyard tavernas. It’s one of the “most Greek” of the Greek islands. Since I haven’t been to any others I can’t elaborate on this, but here are some pictures. This one’s taken from the very ancient castle which sits on a promontory in the middle of the town. For some facts about our stay, scroll to below the pretty pics.

Myrina, Capital of Lemnos

The main shopping street of the capital city. Mental busy right?

Yes, this is the main shopping street. Vines overhead, people chatting on steps everywhere, and actually some rather nice clothes shops. There are wider streets which aren't pedestrianised of course, but cafes take precedence over cars on this island.

And now a few sunsets of course (my slight obsession).

Walking down the hill from Plati Village to our hotel

Villa Afrodite.

Later the pool was lit a brilliant aqua, but my basic camera said, "No" so I had to take pics earlier to get everything in focus. This was taken from my balcony.

We did a mini sunset boat trip, six passengers, one super cool old nut brown Greek geezer called Babis who drove the little motor boat. These colours are completely real, the whole world was pastel.

Well we didn't see any dolphins, but I didn't mind - would you have?!

And on the way back…

Driving back to the beach, looking over my shoulder.

And just so you can see Plati Beach, our first day.

Three minutes walk from our hotel and you don't have to pay for the sun loungers. Nice!

We (my dad and I) stayed at: Villa Afrodite which is about 20 minutes walk from Myrina, the main town. It’s 3 mins from the beach and 10 minutes from the very quaint local village on Plati. Plati Village was moved from its beach location to the hill to avoid pirates. We really liked Villa Afrodite.

Flying to Lemnos: Flights go from Gatwick to Samos and then straight on to Lemnos, you don’t get off the plane. Flights back go direct from Lemnos to Gatwick. We holidayed with Sunvil who put us on a Tor Air flight.

Visit: the greek churches, they are opulent, ornate, gilt and gorgeous. A welcome contrast to the simplicity of the land and sea.

Eating: We liked Zephyrus, a restaurant down in Plati. To be honest, all the other restaurants seemed much of a muchness. Apparently you can be ripped off if you order the fish by weight. Important tip, the portions are enormous so have one starter between two or three people and only one dish per person. This is not tapas!

Drinking: The local Lemnos wine is usually really good, especially the white. But more importantly, try the iced Greek coffees which are called Freddos or Frappes. Delicious. If you really like coffee, the Greek coffee is apparently great – very thick and strong.

Getting about: It depends what you want. We were feeling particularly inactive, but I would recommend hiring a car to discover coves, beautiful beaches and other hidden natural nooks. The roads are very very quiet so quite safe. Your hotel can help you with that or one of the many many tourist offices on the sea front street in Myrina.

While writing this post, I was listening to Cut Copy.