A sneak peek into a Berlin bedroom

Picture a bedroom interior inspired by touches of French film noir, black and white Victoriana and Germanic lines. Flowing floor to ceiling delicate white curtains flap in front of french windows, they conceal a balcony overhanging a leafy street. It’s got a student edge and a lot of photos – it’s a rented flat that retains a bohemian, temporary feel. High ceilings give it an edge of glamour and so does the girl living there. As I waited for her to come back from the supermarket with our lunch, I drew her room and Taisa got ready.

If you read my blog, you'll know my obsession with repetition (it rocks btw), so guess how much I loved this wall?

And my version:

Everyone loves a bit of illustration right?

Clocks and masks and roses and peacocks and feathers and beads and mirrors and… you get it.

Decorating your room with your stuff is pretty cool.

And the windows:

Moody curtains and lots of light.

It turns out that travel, art and stuff that inspires me within those subjects is a pretty wide topic. Hopefully my preferences, photography and drawing are fixed enough to give this blog a steady thread and entertain. Thanks for reading 🙂