Stages of a landscape painting.

What with starting a new job (full time waitressing takes up a lot of time ok?) and planning a round the world trip, my painting is getting a little sidelined. But that’s all about to change! From tomorrow I’m going to try to post a drawing a day – I believe in aiming high, I usually draw once a fortnight. To celebrate this goal decision, here’s a post about the last painting I did which I gave to my sister for her 30th birthday last month.

It started the same way most of my paintings do – by tearing out an ad or picture from a magazine. This one is about Welsh lamb and it’s the Welsh hills streaming like rivers into the valley that I love so much. Plus I have a fixation with Wales having visited it nearly every year of my life. The countryside is absolutely magical.

Here’s the ad, ignore the white lightening bolts – they’re creases.

A pencil drawing first to get to grips with where everything is:

Then covering the canvas:

Working on the flowing hills:

Voila! Completed with chalk pastel highlights and charcoal to make it a bit zingy. The bottom half of the painting holds the most changes.

If you ever get anywhere near Wales, visit it. The mountains speak to the soul the same way the coastline does in Cornwall. Click here for their tourist website.