She broke her back and I think she’s amazing.

Today I received a very surprising and touching note from an inspiring journalist I’ve never met called Melanie Reid. She broke her back last year in a horse-riding accident just about the time of my 30th birthday and from the moment she could, she’s been documenting the experience in a weekly column for The Times Magazine. (For you readers who aren’t familiar with the UK newspapers, The Times is I think, our most prestigious daily newspaper snap with The Daily Telegraph. The Times Magazine is a supplement that comes free with it on Saturdays.)

A long road.

I started following her column about six months ago and have been extremely impressed and touched by her frankness both in terms of the emotions she’s had to deal with and the medical procedures she’s had to endure, clarity of language when describing such a horrendous ordeal and general “I refuse to give up fighting” attitude. She has struggled to prove doctors’ prognoses wrong, and succeeded. Melanie is an inspiration to us all that nothing is impossible.

After I’d finished reading her page for the first time, I went immediately to the nearest desk (our house is full of desks) and wrote her the first and only fan mail I’ve ever written. Now I have a reply! And today, I ran my run for her. Here’s a link to her One Year On article.

Thanks also to my latest subscriber who inspired me to run along the beautiful River Wey today.