What do you mean you’re not dressing up for Halloween?

Fancy dressing, costume dressing, dressing up, whatever you want to call it, I LOVE it and so when Halloween rolls around I’m all over the costume brainstorming. In fact, my profile picture on this blog was taken on Halloween three years ago and in the uncropped version I’m lying in a coffin (fake obvs, at an amazing party complete with underweared life drawing, loads of fruit and small plastic animals run by Hendricks Gin.)

So here are a few links and pictures to inspire you to think outside the witch/zombie/vampire box. We’ll start with the most impressive and perhaps daunting, but wow, this picture shows serious effort and the $100 ticket to this comp and NYC party will provoke some pretty impressive outfits. Every reveller will have their photo taken on entry which will be entered into an online competition run by the illustrious design, interiors, architecture magazine Domus.

Structural costumes are amazing, but might provide a few logistical issues involving doorways and loos.

Next up, one to make you laugh. Please please click on this link to see the last picture of the dog.

This website is all about cuteness, but to me this dog looks seriously trapped, not very happy and not really very cute. Funny though.

Did you know that St Ives, that sleepy town tucked away in Cornwall, England is home to one of the best fancy dress street parties in existance? I’m ignoring festivals here such as Burning Man and the fact that the party is on New Year’s Eve. 10,000 people descend on the seaside, every bar and ‘club’ is rammed, and the costumes are amazing. And it’s completely non-organisational, just people driven. No tickets, no flyers, no programmes. Here are some pics from when 12 of us hired a couple of caravans (all rooms had long gone). You can get there in under six hours by train from London Paddington Station. Book early for cheap tickets.

Little Bo Peep and his Sheep sing to the passing partiers


Pac Man and his Ghost

 Zoe (from ZDP blog) as a pirate, and more of our pirate/sumo wrestler friends.

So much fun had by all.

And lastly, yours truly.
Beauty Queen Fairy Godmother Extraordinaire.