Of elephants, trumpets, the beach and twirling, twirling dancers

Back in 2007 the band Beirut produced a beautiful soulfully sad, but romantic and evocative music video for their track Elephant Gun. Liska, the friend I stayed with in Berlin just posted it on my facebook page and in the first few seconds I felt transported to another land, a fantasy land set somewhere between 1930s Africa and Shoreditch circa 2004. The twirling, drooping, swirling dancers are so beautiful in their frilly knickerbockers and corsetry, held and lifted by muscular men in braces. The singer’s face looks fraught with tragic feeling. Rose petals, lace and trumpets. Ribbons, silk and moustaches. And then we’re at the beach (I was born to live by the sea, roll on Australia next year) which reminds me a bit of Squeaky Beach in Australia – see this.

But it seems to be about killing elephants, yet at the end, the elephant masked people party. Who wins the day? I don’t know, but I want to go to that party and learn to dance like those gorgeously sexy girls. Wow.