Tonight I went to a Scrabble evening

Sometimes it’s tricky to find the inspirational in daily life, so you have to make it fit in there like a square peg in a squarish hole. Tonight I went to a Scrabble evening at my friend Clare’s house, and the inspirational focus of today is words. I love the T2 quick crossword (found in The Times’ daily supplement), and from today I love Scrabble. So I must be a nerd right? But board games and especially Scrabble have been creeping into the cool kids’ lexicon for the last couple of years. They sit side by side with the rise of the Chap. See The Chap Olympiad 2011, a bit like a sports day for men in tweed, ok so they don’t play scrabble but they do race bicycles in bowler hats holding folded newspapers and black umbrellas. So I bet they play Scrabble with a nice Scotch and a log fire in the winter. Look in any reputable old man’s pub turned cosy (trendy) East End boozer or a lovely bar like Callooh Callay and you’ll find a board. Perfect for cold winter Sundays. And turning away from the trad and towards the fad, look at Scrabulous the online Scrabble app on Facebook. I know a few people not so secretly obsessed. Although Hasbro sued the founders of Scrabulous so now it’s called Lexulous.

Anyway, here are some photos of the Scrabble night. Don’t look too closely at this board, we were a lot cleverer on the first round. I won with 200 points, ha!

It's important to dress the part. Check out my ring.

I’m a firm believer in cross-generational friendships btw.

They laughed all the time, this was one of the few serious moments.

Checking the rules and being an absolute stick in the mud is part of being an annoying little so and so when playing board games. Someone has to do it and my little sister wasn’t around.

No, ta is NOT a word.

Prerequisites for a perfect Scrabble evening: low light, old house, gin.

Lots of beautiful glass, low beams, old pictures, delicious food, wonderful company and Scrabble. Wow.

Thank you Clare and Theo (her sweet Spaniel), what an amazing night.