Bone: vintage, interiors and a dog called Hutch.

When my sister and I were birthday shopping earlier this year, we happened upon the beautiful Bone Interiors in the small town of Cranleigh. I’ve slightly fallen in love with this place. It strikes the perfect balance between upscale elegance and rustic charm and for me it epitomises a dreamy country life.

Sarah aka Bone (now you know where it gets its funny name) started the first Bone Interiors exactly two years ago and the second opened its doors this summer on the opposite side of Cranleigh High Street. A self-confessed shopaholic, Sarah had been mentally piecing together her perfect store during years of shopping trips so when it came to starting the project she knew exactly what she wanted. The overall feel is refreshed vintage, quintessentially English country with a touch of Scandinavian style. Antique-y boudoir armchairs sit beneath old hanging maps, white garden lanterns adorn treasure chests and pale lilies burst out of enormous cream vases. A muted palette gives Bone a wonderland appeal while highlighting the designs. Now Christmas is close, hand-painted tree decorations, angel candles and cards add splashes of crimson and gold to the colour scheme. And if you’re lucky Sarah’s gorgeous dog Hutch will be there to greet you.

Scroll down for some inspiration and take a look at the website:

The exterior of Bone Interiors

Conversation starters:

Perfect fodder for the travel obsessed conversationalist.

I want all my presents wrapped like these…

The little secret room at the back of the bigger Bone.

An alternative Christmas tree:

Check out the hunting bunny hook on the back wall.

Bone stocks lots of multi-drawer chests.

Extra drawers = extra space for treasures.

And here’s Sarah. Thanks for letting me snoop around your shop for so long and for donating a prize for the NSPCC raffle. x

Sarah unpacking stock in the bigger Bone.