Inspiring mess / The Selby gone wrong

The Selby is a site showing the most beautiful interiors and the interesting people that inhabit them. It’s like a fashion and character blog for living spaces, the rooms illustrate the people that dwell in them. Have a good look through it before you read this post to understand mine….Ok, you’re ready. So without further ado, here is a comedy version of my bedroom entitled “Inspiring Mess”. (My home isn’t beautiful, but my accumulated life mess is in a way, I think. So this post is part comedy because my stuff does not compare to The Selby, but part serious because I do love my memory piles of life stuff. Ok, so maybe this post is a bit of a self-indulgence.)

The strange lumps in the foreground are both pigs.

Poor old Christopher Robin lost his head the other day when I drew my curtains.

Who knew a Heidi Klein bikini bag would make such a good pencil case?

I'm trying to learn Spanish with a book and audio CD before I get to South America... And become a world famous artist (might have to do some painting then).

The photos from my weekend in Berlin, La-ra's wedding invitation which since she got married in Melbourne last month and I'm in the UK and about to embark on a round the world trip I wasn't able to go to, and a postcard with a recipe for the healthiest drink in the world on the back.

Shells from travelling Australia, a painting I did at school (it's of a tree opposite my house but you can't really tell that), a wooden duck. Some fake flowers....

And in true Selby style, we must have a pic of the dweller of this home (well, bedroom) in action.

caroline healey   –   waitress, artist, writer, photographer, messographer in her bedroom and studio   –   shamley green, england – nov 14th, 2011

Artiste extraordinaire / Confused of Shamley Green

And there you have it, a homage to a deliciously decorative interiors-porn website. Thanks The Selby!