Watch these 3 extreme sports vids. Wow.

I saw this video on one of my favourite blogs Mini State of Mind and love it so much I’ve pinched it to post along with another two other adrenaline extreme sport clips. How does this bionic bike boy do it? It must have seriously hurt to get that good. I love these videos because they show a fearlessness, a desire to conquer what should be impossible and they inspire me to challenge whatever obstacle appears to be in my way.


And then, on 12th November this surfer called McNamara caught the biggest wave ever surfed. A 90 footer. Incredible. Here’s the article.


Lastly, this one’s of a bunch of guys deep water soloing (er, climbing-rocks-high-above-the-sea-with-no-ropes to you and me). It’s got a nice bit of tongue in cheek involved cos it’s a homemade holiday movie and also some hot guys, so for the girls who thought the previous two vids were a bit macho, this one’s for you. For the guys, well get ready to get jealous. A little shout out for one of the guys in it, go check his blog which is mainly about skating and music. Oh, and the soundtrack’s pretty cool too.