Best Street Art 2011

From posting every day pretty much, I suddenly didn’t post for over a month. Between working two jobs to save for travelling and living in the sticks, I just hadn’t seen that much to make me go “wow” until this popped up on Zoe’s Facebook newsfeed.

106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2011

Not only is good street art beautiful to look at, it’s usually thought-provoking, often funny and very clever. And yes, my favourite word – inspiring.

Here’s my pick of the best. Click on the link above to see who did it and further links to their work.

This one reminds me of the three kings. It whisks me away from the mundane to an exotic mini world of Arabic silk and whistling sands.

Is this guy creepy or kind?

I realised I picked mostly black and white, so here’s a colourful one. Taking the inner child out into life again.

I just think this girl is beautiful.

I’m a real smiling at strangers type person. Fine in the country, but not so fine in London tube stations. I got out the habit pretty fast. Him: “WHY won’t you be my friend?!” Me: “uurrr” *walk away walk away*

How do the artists just look at a site and think – that will work. That shape, that style, that subject matter. Amazing.

There’s so much more… click on the link, click on the link!