Queen of Hong Kong

It’s finally happened, I’ve embarked on my 12 month, round the world trip and I’m in Hong Kong. The weirdest thing about it is feeling utterly disconnected without a phone or easy access to the internet, the other strange feeling is a constant out of body-ness known as jetlag. ANYWAY, my dad and I are having the craziest time here because we’ve been injected into the upper echelon of Hong Kong ex pat society and it’s rather nice.

We were met at the airport by family friends Wendy and David in their Mercedes and swept off to Mid Levels, a rather nice area halfway up the Peak on Hong Kong Island. At the moment they’re bereft as it’s Chinese New Year so their driver and helper (ie live in lady called Joy who does all their cooking, cleaning and housework in general) are on holiday, but we’re coping. The first thing we did was enjoy stiff G&Ts, followed by a good English cottage pie and gallons of wine, which I loved. Wendy and I gossiped until 1 in the morning.

View from my run along Bowen Road

The next morning I went for a fantastic run on the famous Bowen Road, see above for the view. This is a pedestrian tarmacked track which snakes its way horizontally around the Peak. It’s also the haunt of the famous Dog Poisoner (the bastard).

For lunch we visited one of the clubs Wendy and David belong to, The Hong Kong Jockey Club out in the New Territories. The gardens look like the palace gardens in Through The Looking Glass crossed with Jurassic Park. They’re beautiful but of course I didn’t take my camera. Everyone ate snails and souffle.

Before dinner Daddy and I took a taxi down to Central and then a really really long escalator which travels up the Peak, all the way home. Here are some photos of the journey.

What a way to commute!

See a section of the escalator middle right? It just sits outdoors on the hill surrounded by restaurants, bars, flats and beauty parlors - you can see people having pedicures from it!

And some trees growing out of the wall, below. I think the root patterns are beautiful. Anyway, enough from me. Don’t feel too jealous, it’s colder than England here, completely misty and mostly raining. Goodbye from Hong Kong x

Trees on Robinson Road