Of course, there has to be a post about funny signs in Hong Kong. I’m surrounding this one about what my Dad and I have been up to today. First we got a crazy tram up the Peak at about 45 degrees. We got to the top and the view should have been like this, it was white. Blinding misty white. But the walk down was lovely through jungly creepers and twisting trees. I liked this smiley dog sign…

Smiley Dog - LEASH HIM!

Was also quite amused by the Elderly People Exercise Corner, a fenced off concrete space with Tai Chi Wheels for spinning in “horse-riding position” um, etc.

Where the elderly go to exercise halfway down the Peak.

Then we went to Kowloon Park and saw the couple waltzing in the maze. The Hong Kong-ers love flowers, but the immense amount of flowers in pots everywhere might be something to do with Chinese New Year this week. There are standing pots even in the parks, flower beds are clearly not enough. They are beautiful though.

Flowers in Kowloon Park

And I’m going to finish with a picture of me and one of my dad to please the family.

Loads a slightly weird flowers, and moi.

My Daddy:

Daddy Park

PS Kowloon is the mainland part of Hong Kong and it’s MENTAL busy. It makes Hong Kong Island look positively spacious.