Waiheke Island’s Little Gems – New Zealand

Having spent a year in Australia and fallen in love with the country, I wasn’t prepared for the powerful passion I would feel for NZ. I thought nothing could stir up the same feeling of longing and perhaps be-longing. But let me tell you about Waiheke Island. Briefly and in pictures.

Just a casual bit of Waiheke parkland next to the road.

It’s only 45 minutes or so from Auckland city centre by ferry, and today, because it is Auckland Day, they let us all on free!

On Waiheke, they grow lemons in their gardens…

Lemons in our new friend Jan's garden.

And cows welcome you to their homes:

Mr Cow.

Vineyards cover the hillsides.

Beautiful vines make beautiful wines. Yum.

And the views from some of the vineyards are as good as the wines. We popped into Cable Bay Vineyard where you can eat the most delicious food in their restaurant on one side, sip their wines on the other and in both establishments look out over this:

View from Cable Bay Vineyard, I'm guessing over Cable Bay. Probably.

So many more photos I could put in, but I’ll finish with a friends and family shot – my dad, Judith who is looking after us in Auckland, putting us up and showing us a great time, and Jan who had us over to her beautiful summer home on Waiheke.

Sipping beer in 22C sunshine before a lunch in the garden under vines with a nice Pinot Gris from Marlborough.

Here’s where Waiheke is btw.

Waiheke Island is top right. Thanks GoogleMaps!