Auckland from above x 2

Auckland is laid out over 7 volcanoes which poke their pointy little snouts out over the city like big toes under blankets. One Tree Hill is one of them near Epsom, the suburb we were staying in. It’s a park abutting another called Cornwall Park which was founded by a chap called Sir John Logan Campbell who had the forethought to see that Auckland would spread and the people of the city might like a nice park to hangout in. He’s buried right at the top of the volcanic cone. Anyway, two days running I ran to the top of it. It was extremely hot. Here’s the view.

Look at that bumpy ground, just like a blanket with rug rats playing underneath it!

I made it!

That feeling when you achieve a goal, YEAH!

And here’s the link to the next view of Auckland from above. See the really tall space-agey tower? That’s the Sky Tower and where the next pics are taken from.

To the Sky Tower and beyond!

And looking back at One Tree Hill from the Sky Tower. See the two hills (aka volcanic cones) in the distance, see the grassy one on the right? Well it’s not that one, it’s the slight bump just left of centre.

To One Tree Hill and beyond!

Weird blue colour hey? I felt like I’d time-dropped back to the 80s, but I think it was just the thick glass. Everything looks better in black and white though doesn’t it?

See the cruise ships? Well between them is the pier that'll take you to Waiheke Island, an essential part of an Auckland visit even if you're only there for two days like us.

To fill you in on the Sky Tower, it’s actually a hideous American style casino and tacky hotel and there are two tiers of payment. We went with the lowest which suited us just fine – access to the main viewing lounge via a lift with a freaky glass panel in the floor plus the cafe bar one floor down. People are chatty here and my new lift friends had great fun teasing two about-to-be bungy jumpers who we left to their fate at 186m. Our tickets cost $25 for mine and $15 each for my two friends in their golden years. It’s a few dollars more if you want to go up to the Sky Deck for a slightly better view. There’s a bus depot next to the Tower and a massive car park underneath it.

Anyway, here’s the obligatory friends and family photo of Judith and my Dad enjoying coffee.

Judith and David enjoying coffee 182 metres up.

On an entirely different note, I love road patterns – the perfect curves are so exact. Please don’t read into this too deeply but they remind me of the cult film Crash.

Perhaps the Grafton Gully motorway?