A few photos to make you go wow

So quite a lot has happened since I last blogged. My dad and I drove down from Auckland to Rotorua where we visited a geo-thermal park and went on a Maori evening. I met a pig called Charlotte and a galah called Paulie (not at the Maori evening, they were our compadres at the B&B we stayed at). I saw lots of very blue water. We drove down to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and today caught a ferry to South Island. We checked in to our B&B here in Blenheim, Marlborough (check out my new blog!) dumped our bags and headed out to the vineyards. So instead of me rabbiting on, you can see it in pictures.

We’ll start with the geo-thermal park near Rotorua – Wai-O-Tapu:

Lady Knox Geyser spouts at 10.15am every day. "How is this possible?" my father and I pondered together. They drop disinfectant down the chimney, that's how. However we were reassured that it naturally erupts sometime between every 2 and 72 hours so it is still a natural geyser. Whoosh!

This park costs about $30 (£16) to get in, but is worth every penny in my opinion. My photos do it no justice, they just don’t capture the colours. So there’s only one more.

So many colours over such a huge space - Artist's Palette. Check the tiny people in the background.

Better colours here. Although I could have shown you pics of Maoris leaping about, they just look tacky and don’t show the educational aspect of the ‘show’ so here’s a photo of a pool of the most beautiful colour. There are no lights, it’s naturally that colour. Amazing.


Huka Falls in the middle of North Island

Put those two together even though they’re about a hundred miles apart. Same beautiful colour. For some cool stats about Huka Falls, for example that the roaring maelstrom of a bottleneck is 10 metres deep with water…think about it…same height as a house – click here.

Wanna see Paulie? Here you go:

Paulie Squalie!

And the view from our apartment in Wellington. Nice huh?

Me and a really nice view