Things just got a whole lot better

You know those days when things just suddenly get a whole lot better? Well, today was one of them. Here’s how it started driving out of Blenheim on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island:

Grey huh?

And here’s how it ended! On the west coast.

My dad and I, isn't he lovely?! And look at our sweet little banger of a Nissan Sunny in the background. I've grown to really love that car. Especially as it's an automatic.

Here’s what we were looking at. Words can’t really describe the picture, but my dad saying, “I could look at waves forever” was worth so much to me. He’s not exactly a sentimental type, so him saying that… and saying on the drive home that, “he’d never seen a sky like this”. For me, priceless. And here’s the sky:

Just wow.

This was the high point of a star that’s been rising steadily over the last few days. We had a wonderful lunch at Highfield Estate on Friday when we’d just arrived into the Marlborough region of NZ. Marlborough is famous for its delicious sauvignon blancs. It also does very good Rieslings and delicious Voigniers. Sitting outside in the almost sunshine overlooking vines from a hill top with yum food and crisp white wine (Sauv B 2011) was rather nice. So the next day we decided to make a whole day of it and go on a tour of some of the best vineyards with Highlight Tours. Dave, the owner and our tour guide was fantastic. He could answer every single technical question we threw at him, thoroughly impressing my dad.

Go to my new blog to see a few pics of the day. Here are some of beautiful oil paintings done by the artist Clarry Neame. His studio/gallery is at Hunter’s vineyard, our last stop of the day.

Anyone else thinking smarties?

I think the boat's just a focus for the eye, the water and sky reflections part is by far my favourite bit

But I haven’t even told you about my run yet have I? The last two mornings I’ve run to the top of a hill just outside Blenheim. NO not the big one with trees on the top Silly, the one below that. If you look really closely, you can see a tiny dot on the summit. It’s an A frame put up by the Rotary Club and I ran to that.

Not everyone gets up at 6.30 to go running in Blenheim. In fact, no one except me.

And here’s the view from the top. Nice way to start the day right? Guess it could have been sunnier.

Blenheim from above

And then I saw a bunny!

BUNNY! (gotta love a bunny)