I blog because it’s fun www.fourwallsistaken.wordpress.com

I sort of forgot why I’m writing a blog. Is it a diary? What is a diary? Is it a record of everything I do? Just the best bits? Just the bits I want to show others? It’s not a real diary because I don’t waffle on about my feelings in it (you can just thank your lucky stars about that). It was becoming a record of everything I do, but that’s just boring isn’t it? I don’t want to write about everything and most of all I don’t want to feel like I have to write about everything, all the time.

So I started a new blog. This one is very simple, it’s just 4 photos of my view. Me turning on the spot 90 degrees each time and taking a photo. It’s called www.fourwallsistaken.wordpress.com because I tried every alternative and similar name to fourwalls and they were all taken. Go and take a look.

I’m still doing this one, I’m just being more creative and trying something new. My relaxed attitude is partly thanks to another blogger who I’ve never met. He reminded me that you blog because it’s fun. Danke www.dasbloggen.com 🙂