Road tripping New Zealand with my dad

As the days go by, so me and my dad get happier. Travelling down the west coast of New Zealand has been glorious, filled with rainforest walks, enormous trees covered in moss, the beautiful blue Pacific and vast lakes. We’re in Queenstown now and I just don’t want to leave (although I am pretty excited about visiting Australia next, my favourite country in the world). It’s our last night tonight, and we’re heading up one of the mountains by cable car to eat at the top. Yesterday we went on a coach tour to Milford Sound with a company called Mitre Peak, you can see photos from the boat of the fjord on my other blog Four Walls (when I’ve posted them in a minute!)

This morning I got to bed at 5.30am after partying with a Kiwi girl and her two brothers from the next door apartment. Then got up 4 hours later to do the Shotover Jet. This is AMAZING! The boat skims down the river with only 3-4 inches in the water. It zooms towards canyon rock faces with only centimetres to spare before spinning away. And the 360s! Wow, serious fun. My 76 year old dad’s face was the picture of exhilaration and glee, brilliant! We got back, I had an hour’s shut eye and then my new friend Sarah called to take me to the gym with a free guest pass. I love going to the gym and a day pass is $20, that’s £10!! So meeting Sarah was a stroke of luck. She took me to my first ever body combat class, kick kick PUNCH! I was so hungover I couldn’t really see out of my right eye at the start of the class, but by the end I was just about ok. Did some weights in the gym and then walked up the enormous hill to our apartment at Coronet View. See below for a view from the apartment. We’ve paid $120 per night per room for en suite doubles. We got upgraded free, I think these rooms are probably a little more than that.

This afternoon dad and I chilled with a cup of the famous NZ coffee and a slice of chocolate cake at Vudu, finishing our little town excursion with a lovely walk along the side of the lake and up into Queenstown Gardens where there’s a very moving monument built in honour of Scott and his South Pole crew’s “patient, stubborn, invincible courage, loyal comradeship and brilliant achievement”. It features Scott’s last ever diary entry when he knew he was going to die.

Anyway, here are some photos of the road trip.

These towers had been balanced all along this beach. This was south of Fox Glacier, before Haast.

Knights Point Lookout

For a 360 degree view, go here Panoramic Earth website.

Just some casual roadside flowers NZ style

The river beds were so wide on the way down. We stopped at Roaring Billy Falls which were pretty beautiful and a 5 minute walk from the road. This is the River Haast I think.

Typical view through the windscreen

Lake Wanaka, 1 hour north of Queenstown which also sits on an amazing lake.

The view from our apartment, you can even see the lake. We've had amazing hilltop views everywhere we've stayed.

And us being happy.

Dad and I (actually this is on the way to Milford Sound, but a nice way to end this post)