Awe: A great feeling

Inspiration and postivity can come from anywhere, and today it’s come via Have a look at their 10 Little Ways To Indulge which is about easy ways to find pleasure.

The one below about awe is my favourite, but the page about needing nature comes a very close second in my book. The former is why I blog and read blogs – to get inspired and focus on cool stuff that makes me go wow. The latter is why I travel, to see more of the great outdoors and again, get that wow feeling through nature and people.

Read (or Watch or Participate in) Something That Takes Your Breath Away

A recent study found that people seek out newspaper articles that inspire awe — that hard-to-define feeling we get when we’re exposed to great beauty, power, or accomplishment. This pleasurable tickle is uniquely human and can be achieved in multiple ways: praying, watching nature programs, and reading stories of personal triumph, to name a few. Whatever gives you that lump-in-your-throat feeling, pursue it any way you can.