Dudes and Dudettes at Riverboat Music Festival, Vic

Imagine a lush natural amphitheatre near the chocolate milk Murray River. Gum trees so tall you almost fall over looking at their swaying heads. Hot hot Australian sunshine dappling the undulating ground. And in the middle of this relaxed Aussie landscape? A music festival dedicated to the fun and frolics of the fifties(ish) era with some jazz and country thrown in for good measure.

No, it was not a neon-fest of drugged up eighteen year olds nor were you likely to see much fancy dress of the Kigu variety. Instead, picture an extremely relaxed melting pot of locals and urbanites, young and old, dancers and deck-chairers. Basically, this festival wasn’t going to be in the headlines of the fashion press, but there were some pretty cool people there and their style came from the inside as well as the out.

Talk about follow-through, wow. Note the lady's fellow festivalers in standard Aussie uniform - flip flops, sun hats, sexy tattoos on the gals and polo shirts on the boys (sorry guys, just sayin'...)

I think this scene is terribly romantic. Not in a love way necessarily, more of an emotions running deep through years of intricate friendship way.

This is my picture perfect friend La-Ra who took me to the festival. I hadn't seen this beautiful girl in a few years and it was so fun hanging out with her again.

Since I “vollied” (volunteered in Aussie lang which is totes full of abrevs) on the bar on Saturday night and we arrived late Friday I didn’t see too much of the bands until Sunday when I LOVED Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, and The Bride Stripped Back. Other bands included Lanie Lane and The Audreys. A massive thanks to Eddie and Dave the organisers who put us volunteers up in rather nice holiday cabins on the local caravan park. Tents? Pah.

Sorry Clairy, but the Rackettes stole the show with their swinging hips, heavy-lidded eyes, big hair, sexy moves and of course, killer voices. The best sexiness is mingled with sweetness - aw, go girls!

Loved the chilled out Sunday songs played by these girls - The Bride Stripped Back

The Riverboat Music Festival