The Daddy Fish

A couple of days ago, Dad and I went snorkelling on The Great Barrier Reef and for him it was pretty much the first time. About 15 years ago he’d tried it off Cyprus with a rubbish mask. It had seriously put him off, but the GBR was to be a highlight of the trip and seeing it was a goal to be won, no matter what. So we set off on Calypso, me with my sea-sickness tablets, him with his nerves to see what we would see at sea.

Caroline and Daddy Fish

When did masks work for anyone? Anyway, this post is about how brave he was when it was obviously a really really hard experience. And to say thanks to Louise and Go who took him out, showing him the best bits of the reef and giving him the knowledge and confidence to experience the Reef. Here are a few photos. The first is Daddy Fish, the rest are fish we saw.

Daddy Fish 1

My favourite fish (except for the Daddy) the male parrotfish. They're cuter in real life, honest.

Seargent Majors apparently.

This guy is BIG. He hangs out under the boat each time it gets to the first snorkel point. His name is Angus and he's a Maori Wrasse.

All credit to the photographer who wasn’t me. Our onboard photo man was the lovely James.