Daddy’s gone and today I drove a motorboat

So it’s a fair old while since I last blogged, I just had to get my head around what I was doing and find enough time out from having fun to sit down and write.

On Monday 5th March, Dad flew to Singapore for a brief respite on the long way back to the UK and I stayed in Cairns until the Saturday. I apologise for anyone reading this who likes Cairns, but I don’t. This time of year the temp reaches 32C and falls in the dead of night to a nice cool 25C (does sarcasm work in text?) It’s ridiculously muggy and the backpacking scene is made up of sunbathing during the day/getting over horrendous hangovers, and frequenting clubs not too dissimilar to Bojanglez and Cinderellas in Guildford, Surrey. Yes, small town mainstream clubbing in rather bigger clubs. Anyway…. I met some cool people (mostly around 20 yrs old) who made things a whole lot better. Coincidentally one of them, a beautiful Dutch girl called Carmen was on the same flight as me back to Sydney so it was lovely to have company. She’s a sweetheart now leading horse treks in the Blue Mountains.

Back to Dad. It was a little emotional leaving each other after so long together and such a bonding experience. We really got to know each other a lot better and by the end of the holiday we were great companions, understanding what each other wanted and pretty much on the same page. Both being partial to the odd drink or a few helped I think! It was sad to see him walk through the double doors, but at the same time I saw some metaphorical doors in front of me open up and I stepped into a world of adventure and unknown.

I’ll go back over my Sydney days in the next blogs, but I’ll write about today first because it was so cool!! I sound like a teenager, but shooting through the waves of Sydney Harbour and going 160K on a motorbike give you that feeling: utter, unadulterated exhilaration.

Gubsie’s a friend of Kitty, a wonderful girl I met in a Sydney nightclub on my first trip here 9 years ago. Today I fed cockatoos off his balcony overlooking a national park, drove his motorboat and got a lift back to town on the back of his bike. Here are some pictures, thanks Gubsie!

After I had breakfast, the cockies had theirs.

Look, I'm driving a motorboat!!!

And then the weather got better. What a view!

Ok, nuff pictures of me.

Pretty nice Sunday morning huh?

And then we raced back into town on Gubsie’s enormous bike. Oh, did I mention I drove his 4×4 on the way to pick up the boat? A world of motors, amazing.

At Harry’s Cafe de Wheels we stopped for some true blue Aussie pies topped with mash, mushy pies and a pool of gravy in the middle.

Right on the water sits a little institution called Harry's Cafe de Wheels. Inside a booth coated in photos of celebs posing with pies, two girls serve up simple feasts of deliciousness.

Thanks to Kings X Whisper bar cafe for giving me 3 free wifi cards. Loving the top ups and the tea, funky music and vintage decor.

Signing off now, cos got to get my skates on… next stop a rooftop gig with Mad Professor. Got salt in my hair and plan to be at the bar in half an hour. Whoops!