One of the best days ever and a shrine to pink

Sometimes it’s really really fun being uber-girly. Sorry boys, but this post isn’t for you so I’d stop reading now (except for Waleed, you can stay my darling).

It started late on Tuesday night. After rushing around we had collected all we needed for the ultimate girls’ night in. Sans alcohol. We had to take one night off ok? Perhaps this pic illustrates the feel of the eve, I’m not posting the one of our facemasks. Sorry.

Ok, I'm going to make you sick here - the pink is mine and the mint is hers. 1, 2, 3 awwww. bleugh.

But I haven’t even told you who my new friend is! Deb is a friend of Roland, a friend from home – read back to the crazy night we had out in Sydney 3 weeks ago. She invited me to stay in her little flat at Potts Point (very nice part of Sydney right in the city and next to all the best party areas – Darlinghurst, Surry Hills etc.) for just a few days. Ten days later and I’m still here and we’re temporary bessies. Deb is a street artist and touring America on Wednesday so I won’t see her for a long time. She gets back 5 days after I’ve left for Hawaii. But she might stick a side trip to Hawaii on the way back from the US…hopefully.

Wednesday is the day this post is about. We wandered down to the water via a pool of enormous Koi carp. Check out these beauties!


Golden giant Koi.

On our way to the water…

At the fish ponds

And then we stumbled across an amazing faux rustic boardwalk pier breakfast place on Elizabeth Bay.

At Bird and Bear

This is what I wrote on the day while watching Deb finishing off this giant mural on The Record Store wall.

Deb is an amazing artist. She makes her living from art, not many people can say that. This is her finished piece, a collaboration between Deb and US artist Mark Bode.

Thinking, thinking, thinking…to the rattle of the spray can, the creak of the ladder, the rustling of the plastic protecting the car. Deb’s up the ladder and chatting and creating this amazing mural.

The sun was so hot today, but there’s a coolness in the wind. We visited Koi on the hill near E Bay amongst manicured lawns, palms with the sparkling, yacht dotted harbour beyond. Our plan had been to swim, but our fellow diners at Bird and Bear scared us off with tales of bull sharks and pollution from the heavy rains. Not enough to put us off completely. Off came our sandals and we were paddling in the sandy water searching for shells. Two shell necklaces, two full tummies and one ready for lunch salad later and we arrived at the wall.

And here’s me doing my first bit of street art ever:

Ha! Aint I cool?


DEB and her cans

Finished article next to a previous Bode piece (on the right):

Can you see the corner in between the two murals?

And that promised shrine to pink, totally accidental.

Shrine to pink - this one's for you Zoe and Zoe.