The Coogee to Bondi walk and my yesterday

Yesterday my friend Roland and I did the famous beach to beach walk – Coogee to Bondi. The weather is dire today, but yesterday the gorgeous Aussie sunshine graced our steps and draped a layer of wellbeing on our day.

My day had started particularly well already. At 4.30am I lumped myself out of bed, shoved on my workout gear and took a bus, train and taxi over to Queens Park from Dulwich Hill for a 6am dumbbell and long run session with Evolution to Wellbeing. About 20 of us were led by the lovely Sam for a gruelling hour of mat work, sprints and then a long run with A LOT of hills. If you hate gyms, need motivation and love looking good, Evolution to Wellbeing’s your way forward. Needless to say, my entire body kills today, but kind of in a good way.

Almost back at the house and I bump into RJ and Luke Cornish having coffee. I tell Luke I’m off to Hawaii for May and he’s like, “I’ll come!” Hope it happens. This time next week we find out if he’s won the Archibald Prize. This is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious portrait competitions and if Luke wins it, it’ll be a first for a stencil and street artist.

See a video clip about Luke’s portrait here and more about his work here.

Here’s the picture he’s entered entitled Father Bob.

Pretty rad hey bra? As they say here. I don't think my clipped RP accent will ever be able to wrap itself around Aussie slang.

And then Roly and I get our act together and go to Coogee. To get there, you need to get the Eastern Suburbs line to Bondi Junction, then go to Stand E at the bus interchange to get a 353 I think to Coogee. And so we started on this beautiful cliff side walk, here are some photos.

The walk takes in a series of beautiful beaches. The first is Coogee.

The walk rises up to high cliffs overhanging raging ice blue waves and then dips down to peaceful sandy beaches. The ledges below are about 30m up from the sea. There aren’t really any railings, so you can get as close to the edge as you dare. Judging by the tags, some are very daring.

Looking down on Bronte beach and Tamarama beyond.

Bodies on Tamarama

Looking up on our pathway. Cool rocks rock.

Rocks in a roaring ocean that look like brownies. What's not to like?

At North Bondi, beyond the walk’s reaches lies a funny little golf course. Walk through it, beyond the enormous industrial chimney and you’ll come to the most breathtaking part of the day. Cliffs with whirling natural rock sculptures and stubborn luminous green shrubs clinging to their faces.

North Bondi rocks

Next Roly and I searched for Sparrow Cafe, which is wicked but was closed, so we went to Sun Cafe for some breakfast. It was 3pm, but breakfast is the main meal on the Aussie menu, everywhere you go it’s eggs, eggs, eggs and avocado. Yum.

Raced over to Elvis Pizza in Rushcutter’s for a super-cheap pizza courtesy of Our Deal, popped into a bar opening to see a beautiful 18 year old sing and then came back to Nathan’s for some beers with the gang. A good day.