Drawings of my travels

Ha! I am slowly yet surely transforming myself into one of those people I feel jealous of. They get off their bums and do stuff like travel the world and draw it as they go. They have interesting journals full of doodles and poems, they dream and they try stuff and then probably hurt themselves, such as skateboarding and then spraining their ankle but they’re just glad they tried it. (No April Fool’s, I was hanging out in A&E this morning, fun.) They’re not afraid of failing and they’re not trying to be perfect! And somehow they manage to make a living out of all this. Ok, the last two points need extra work.

And focus… here are some drawings of my travels.

Drawn during my first escape of the city to the sea. This is on the Bondi to Coogee walk near approaching Tamarama, Sydney.

Can you see little Deb in the corner spray painting?

Just so you get the picture…

The bigger picture.

View from the decking and my bedroom at the 4,000 acre farm near Walcha, NSW we stayed at last weekend (see a couple of posts ago)

The trees in Australia are so beautiful - these white skinned gum trees are the most elegant I've ever seen. So graceful, like ballerina legs.

Trying out different backgrounds for the next picture.

I was so excited to find these bird stickers in the notepaper Zoe and Zoe gave me as part of my leaving present. I was sitting on the back decking of the house in Hat Head, leaning against the wall with Brian the other side painting it, drawing the amazing paper-barks in the garden.

The sand dunes at Hungry Head. I'm standing on a 40m dune, the tallest and looking down at littler dunes and the sea. The birds are Annie's idea (more of her later). This is a thank you present to Annie and Brad for having me to stay for the weekend here in Brisbane. I finished this an hour ago and it's the only one which isn't drawn on location.

Thank you God for giving us pens!