How I turn my mood around

My mood can get really down when I’m travelling. I know, I know, I’m so lucky to have the freedom and resources to be able to do this. And I do know that, but every so often I get a “What the hell am I doing here and what am I going to do with the rest of my life?” feeling. And it can cloud everything. So irrational. So what do I do to get over this veil of negativity?*

1. I have a coffee! Ok, this sounds ridiculous, but the caffeine seems to focus my brain into a logical stream of thought that helps me identify the specific issues that are bothering me and find their solutions. It might have something to do with taking some quiet time as well. I love having coffee in smart or interesting coffee shops and there are tons of these in Australia. When you’re backpacking it’s good for the soul to treat yourself. In fact, it’s always good for the soul to treat yourself! Where I had coffee yesterday – The Byron Beach Cafe. I’ve booked an ocean view table for my birthday breakfast next week (yes I like treats!)

2. I draw or learn. I find drawing a form of meditation. Every drawing I do I get closer to my goal of exhibiting them in the future and maybe even selling my art. I’ve sold one painting, this could happen again! More importantly, every drawing I do I feel I’m improving, nurturing a God-given talent that I would be a fool to ignore. Self-improvement is a good feeling and here we neatly dovetail into the second part of this point – learning. I’m learning Spanish at the moment, slowly, but surely since I’ll need it when I travel alone through South America for 6 months. Every chapter I get through helps me feel better and stronger.

3. Dream. Have goals. These can and should be the same thing. Your wildest dreams can happen if you set your sights at making them a reality. Yes I can be a freelance writer travelling the world, yes I can exhibit my paintings and drawings. Yes I can find a job where I can live half in London and half in Sydney. By writing and drawing, I’m getting closer to my dreams/goals.

4. Do something you like. I didn’t check Facebook for a couple of days. I felt a bit lost. I know it’s not fashionable, but I really like Facebook. Checking it cheered me up. Another example, right now I’m wearing all my most colourful patterned clothes and that makes me happy. Ok, I’m sitting in the Arts Factory in Byron Bay so I look pretty normal here, but still.

5. Read inspiring stuff about being true to yourself. It may sound a bit hippy, but it usually makes a lot of sense. The 6 months to live blog is an inspiration and no, it’s not written by someone who’s been told they only have 6 months to live, they’re just trying to live that way. Revelation! I particularly like the post called 6 questions worth asking because I regularly write down similar questions and my answers in my travel notebook. In honour of that post, this one has 6 points.

6. Chat to your loved ones. They make great sounding boards, they know how to deal with your negativity (read moaning!) and how to turn it around. Zoe and Zoe, love you!

* I just have to add a little note here that I sprained my ankle two weeks ago and it’s taking ages to heal so I can’t do any exercise, no runs! Might have something to do with my wobbly mood.

So basically, don’t worry be happy! And have a coffee. Here’s a picture of this morning’s sunrise. Nice isn’t it?!

Sunrise at the lighthouse this morning, Byron Bay