This flat is dedicated to street art

Back in Sydney and I’m sofa-hopping for ten days. The lovely Juliette Eve in Bondi had an impromptu dinner party and overnight guest on Saturday when I popped by. Tonight I’m in Randwick with the beautiful Kitty and her kids. But right now and last night I stayed at RJ and Roland’s in deep dark Dulwich Hill. Their apartment is a haven for street art with the walls boasting big names such as E.L.K and Beastman.

Despite living in East London for most of the last 12 years, I’m not exactly an aficionado of street art/graffiti/vandalism depending your political viewpoint. But I am a big fan. And right now I am totally surrounded: we’ve got a Phibs and a Beast on the roof deck, Debs are everywhere you look and RJ’s spraypainting right now in the lounge in readiness for an auction tomorrow night at Global Gallery.

What I don’t understand is tagging. I’ve had it explained to me – it’s reclaiming the built environment, it’s taking back territory, marking your space, “it’s a man thing” (whatever.) and/or it’s simple advertising for your brand. But it’s ugly. I don’t care if it’s three letters or a squiggle. I think a wall usually looks best with some outstanding and surprising art on it especially if it’s humourous. But blank is better than tagged in my opinion. And I especially don’t like trains being tagged. Sure they look cool with NYC 80s style lettering across, but not initials scratched into glass or paint scrawled across windows so passengers can’t see out. Give me arguments back! I want to hear opinions on this one! Ok, my rant is done. Have a look at some pics of RJ and Roland’s abode.

Our sofa's taken up with a bunch of ladies, typical! Actually, these glamour girls are a photo of RJ's grandmother and copies of the piece being auctioned tomorrow night. He just gave me one, score.

Stairs down from the roof deck flat. I think this one's by The Yok (.com)

Phibs Beastman Phibs sandwich

Yeah, it’s a pretty grimy day, but nice reflections.

ELK aka Luke Cornish's pretty famous for his stencil art. He's got a piece in the Art Gallery of NSW - Sydney's massive gallery near the Opera House. I went and saw the Archibald Prize there yesterday and saw his piece, amazing. And the chair is where I'm sitting right now.

Looking over the brick wall of the roof deck, you see the biggest piece of all: a mass collaboration between RJ, Ben Frost, Sofles (girl on the left) the sexy Deb (the girl on the right), and Jumbo.

And to finish, watch and listen to this by RJ’s friends Bliss N Eco. Cheer up tune or what? Thanks Joe for putting me onto this one.