New Art Nouveau, Inkie and Irina

There’s so much great art out there and though I love seeing it in real life the net is an absolute goldmine for uncovering, well, gold.

ArtProfiles started following me a while back and every so often I’ll visit them, discovering things I love – like modern takes on Art Nouveau. I like these kind of pictures because the women are empowered in their beautiful bodies, free spirited and tribal. Here are my favourites.

Romance and sexiness, what better combination?

Gorgeous colours

Roland’s put me on to Inkie, a street artist from Bristol who I think’s pretty cool. Not least cos he loves Art Nouveau as well.

Similar inspiration sources perhaps?

Also on Art Profiles, I found Irina Vinnik. Have a flick through her sketch book here. I’m completely bowled over by her drawings, they take you into micro-worlds of toadstools, roots and waves.

Beautifully photographed as well as drawn

Inspiring, I'm going to go draw now!