Aloha Awesomeness II

This is going to have to be a bit of a photo diary post because I have so much to say and a picture is worth a thousand words… well, I don’t think that’s actually true all the time, but perhaps in this case.

The weekend permaculture design course was an eyeopener. The leaders Hunter and Matt are inspiring because they are living embodiments of what they teach. Following the principles of permaculture, a sustainable existence, they are truly happy and it’s uplifting. These two photos show the classroom inside and out.

This lady made a guest appearance talking about The Transition Movement. The guy with beige liquid in a bowl is eating poi, a traditional Hawaiian staple made from Taro plant.

More info about poi here.

I love drawing these mountains, they remind me of Japan.

On Sunday Florian picked me up in his doorless red 80s Jeep and gave me a tour of North Shore all the way over to the most westerly tip of Oahu – Kaena Point.

First we snorkelled at Sharks Cove to see the giant sea turtles. Then we stopped off to see them on land. They come on to the rocks to nibble algae.

I love these giant turtles, Honu in Hawaiian.

To get to Kaena Point you must off-road it for about two miles and then comes a giant Children of Men type enclosure with a double gate to enter. This is to protect the albatross that breed here. Albatross hold a kind of mystical allure for me since I read Coleridge’s hypnotic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It’s another few hundred metres down a sand track to the point and wow is it beautiful. Click here for more pics.

Sunset at Kaena Point, Oahu

On Monday I wandered out of my deluxe bedroom to find Max. Like Griff, the first thing Max says to me is, “What are you doing today, want to go for a hike?” (with Griff it was surfing but same difference) So we hiked up to some fir trees Max had seen from the ocean while surfing, climbing some 1,500ft up those amazing Hawaiian peaks. We’re both adventurous spirits so when we’d got to the trees, we saw another track, followed it. It got smaller, we followed it. We found another campsite and through that we saw a tiny track going up. Soon we were pulling ourselves up some scree with the help of a hardy wire fence and we got to the crest of the ridge so we could see both coastlines – the north shore and the west side at the same time. Magical.

I love these mountains!

On Tuesday I drew their house – Jayme, Max, Austin and Alex’s.

Wednesday Florian came up and we paddle boarded all morning, so much fun and such good exercise.

Thursday I started reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, amazing book, learnt some Spanish, painted a painting for Dahlia and Griff’s household and drove down with Jayme to Kaneohe for the Thursday night sailing regatta.

After sailing Jayme and Brad drove me over to Florian’s where I’m staying since he has a a spare room, when I’m in Waikiki.

Friday I was sailing again on the Coyote and then Dahlia had a houseparty for her birthday. Really fun, lots of beers, fairy lights, taking the mickey out of my English accent as usual. Honestly, American’s LOVE to imitate my accent and they sound so breathy and a bit stupid when they do and I’m thinking do I really sound like that?? Golly gosh.

Saturday was amazing, Griff and I went surfing at Tongs and I caught a few waves. So much fun, but I was perhaps a little drunk when we left the house in the morning and what did I forget? Sunscreen. The back of my legs were bad, but my bum? My poor white bum where my bottoms rode up? It’s still highlighter pink three days later.

Sunday I flew over to The Big Island and perhaps that needs a whole new post.

ALOHA indeed.