Aloha Awesomeness!

I’ve been in Hawaii for 12 days now and they’ve probably been the best 12 days of my trip. The people here are so unbelievably friendly, I am being literally passed from lovely household to lovely household sleeping on people’s couches and in their spare rooms.

I stayed at Dahlia’s from Wednesday to Saturday morning when her housemate Griff took me on his Permaculture Design course. This is a two day, one night camping affair which takes place every fortnight for six weekends. It was really inspiring, making me think about how I live day to day and how I can make that more sustainable. Click here for a picture of the river we had to cross with all our provisions to get to the farm we stayed on and for more details about the course.

There I met Jayme, a beautiful, quietly spoken girl who’s following a path driven not by money, but by respect of the land. She works in the research field developing sustainable agriculture. Sunday night I stayed at hers until Thursday on the North Shore. I was seriously lucky, her housemate lives on The Big Island during the week for work and so his en suite, four-poster bedded room complete with kitchenette was mine for a few days. Wow that bed was comfy. And the house? A beautiful beach front place with the de rigueur surf boards on the wall and even a paddle board I could borrow. Don’t know what paddle boarding is? Take a look here, but forget the waves, the Pipeline is a pancake during the summer months.

Little geography interlude here: Hawaii is a string of eight main islands about five hours flight from anywhere. The international airport Honolulu is on Oahu, the most populated island. Honolulu and to the east, Waikiki are on the south side of the island, the famous North Shore is  on Oahu too. The Big Island is actually called Hawaii too, but that’s just confusing hence it’s nickname.

Ok, Florian. Florian is a German doctor who has been brilliant, totally looking after me.

Let me go back to last Thursday 3rd May. I met a lady in an arts and crafts shop and she bought five of the eight drawings I hadn’t yet given away for $100 each! Thank you God! The next day I was at hers, drawing her house and met Florian who lives in the house above her garage. He kept me stocked up with tea and iced water and invited me to sail in the Waikiki Friday night regatta. So that evening I raced down to the harbour next to the Hilton and found myself on a 40ft yacht called Coyote with about 20 others. The wind was up in a big way so imagine the boat tilted 90 degrees and the non-crew sitting to the top side of the boat (port in this case), legs dangling above racing aqua water, the sun setting behind us. Once we’d wheeled around the buoy (pronounced boo-ey in American-speak) we scrambled over to the other side and raced towards the sun set. As we came into the harbour a rainbow greeted us over the skyscrapers and the one-day-off full moon hung in its bow. We docked, the fairy lights were wrapped around the boom, the beers came out and the fireworks began with the moon behind. Every Friday the Hilton puts on fireworks at 7.45pm, magical.

So much more to write, but am off to night snorkel with manta rays. Will fill you in when I get back!

The Coyote crew rock. It’s full on on the boat, plenty of orders being shouted! See the angle?

Florian and I

The beautiful Heartbeat next to us and Waikiki beyond.