Hippy Town Hawi and the Hilton

A couple of days later Tyler and I did a little road trip to explore a cute chilled out town in the north of The Big Island called Hawi (in Hawaiian you pronounce the w as a v in the middle of words). We checked out an art gallery, had a coffee and wandered round a couple of cute shops. I found the Filthy Farmgirl soaps hilarious, there’s a huge range.

Also love the wash your filthy mind soap.

The Hilton here looks like a giant temple to an Indonesian Neptune. It’s full of art from south east Asia and pretty quirky. Like all Hawaiian resorts, it has an uncomfortable feeling of mass consumerism and American-esque ease in a “why should I leave the resort? Everything I need is here” kind of way. It even has a tram from one end of the other in case guests can’t quite make those few hundred metres. But this is partially mitigated by long corridors of art punctuated by pools of koi and lily pads.

These colours sprung out.

Long corridors full of funny creatures.

Another funny creature

Crazy huh?

When we got back, Cory was working on his Jeep again and Tyler helped him.

The brothers and Rua the dog work on the Jeep.

The next day I left Kona for Hilo.