I love bleached wood and most other stuff Hawaii


We trundled back to Kona from our seven mile hike in the 70s military Jeep without a windshield. It was dark already, but that wouldn’t stop us travelling to a two mile 4WD track to go camping. On Makalawena Beach (pronounce the W as a V). This white sand beach is backed by black volcanic lava rock and fronted by magnificent bright aqua sea. Dive beneath the ocean’s surface and find one of the best snorkelling spots, well, that I’ve ever been to. Better than the Great Barrier Reef a couple of months ago. The trees made it even more striking. Twisted roots lay exposed and bleached out by the sun; palm trees struck out at angles, blown by the wind; and stubby trees etched with lines as if from illustrated fairybooks edged the shore.

Like white fire

if I write something in this space it gives the photo a nice grey border.

Illustrated storybook trees

There are lots of giant sea turtles here


I woke up with half my upper lip the size of an eyeball. Nice. Cory invited me out on the tourist snorkelling day trip boat he works on sometimes. After an hour or so I decided it had gone down enough that I could go out in public so Tyler drove me breakneck speed to the harbour and I just caught the boat. THIS WAS AMAZING! The company’s called Captain Zodiac. The snorkelling was great, though not as good a Maks I think. But I saw yellow trumpet fish and some man handed me a red pencil urchin which was pretty cool. Plus I saw my favourite fish – the parrot fish. Google image it, beautiful.

Day six was also Cory’s birthday so in the evening we had friends over for a grill and drink. I went to bed at 4.30am. A good night. This is Cory, he’s got a black eye from when he jumped off a cliff into the ocean on our hike.

He’s a ninja pirate.

I’m going to get a rum and coke.