Love nature photos – Hawaii

Been camping in Pololu Valley, living in the jungle on a sustainable farm in Hilo and have flown over to stay on another island – Maui. About to go camping in an hour. So will just post a few photos of the last week.

To see what I got up to at Pololu, have a read of my friend Archana’s amazing blog New York To Nomad. She’s also on an adventure odyssey.

Walking onto Coconut Island in Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii

We camped in a beautiful valley in the north of Big Island. The rope swings are everywhere, left by past campers/hippies.

Jonathan’s kitchen in the house he built, Hunter peeling sweet potatoes from the garden for our coconut, taro, fish stew, Lolo looking on. The Honkies stayed here for 3 days in bliss. Love rainy Hilo.

walking through J’s backyard to the waterfall

Roadtrip back west to Kona:

The Saddle Road travels east west over Big Island, through the pass between the two huge volcanoes – Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. Mini explosions through the side of the volcanoes have caused lumps, bumps and big hills called cinder cones or pu’u (I think). These are great fun to climb up and jump down. See the white car? That’s what John’s aiming for. The land is black ash and cold lava.

Jumping down the cinder cone.

And down. See John in the blue jacket at the bottom?

The boys have it out. Check out the lava flow from only around 200 years ago in the background.

The gorgeous Lolo at the front door.