Watching an Hawaiian sunset from 10,000ft

I have fallen in love with Hawaii in six weeks. There is so much to do there, so much to explore. I’ve hiked and swum up rivers to find enormous waterfalls, hitchhiked around the islands meeting everyone from local tilers to old Californian hippy couples, cliff jumped into aqua ocean and glassy green river water. I’ve stayed on the sofas and in the spare rooms of trusting people who let me crash based on their friend’s word I was ok. I’ve been camping four times with different groups I’ve met sharing tents and borrowing sleeping bags. I’ve seen white, black and red sand beaches.

And I’ve seen the sunset from 10,000ft on Haleakala, Maui.

Florian setting up.

Yikes that’s beautiful.

The clouds looked smokey blue at times, rolling and boiling like a slow motion sea. Like a visual lullaby the earth blanket crumpled and stretched in soothing rhythms. But the air wasn’t crisp, it was FREEZING! We had on all our clothes and some of the boys’ as well. But gloves? They were out of the equation. With sights like these our fingers were needed for the camera trigger. BOOM, another photo for the best life moments album.

I’m a smug lucky bunny.

To understand quite how immense the view is, take a look at the minuscule electricity pylons on the edge of Haleakala. Which is a volcano by the way.

All gone!

Yep, still loving the panoramic function on my faithful little Fuji camera.

And after? We watched the International Space Station (ISS) arc over where the sun had just been.

And after that? We camped on the volcano, drank a couple of bottles of red, lay on the ground watching the super-bright stars, then woke at 4am to see the sunrise at 10,000ft.

And now I’m in Barbados…