Bogota -Colombia- has so much street art!

I’m not quite sure what I expected of Bogota, but it certainly wasn’t a startling interface of street art. It coats La Candelaria, the old town, with a swirling layer of colour and culture. Throughout my travels I’ve been drinking in the pastel shades of Caribbean murals, the deep aquas and pinks of Hawaii and the happy-go-lucky hippy colours of Australian seaside towns such as Byron Bay. But I didn’t expect a rainbow to flow through a city. It spreads out from La Candelaria like an illustrative river of self-expression.

This is in the city’s first ever main square, where Bogota was born.

What an imagination! Look at the bug-eyed parrot with his head sticking out the door. Is that a double ended dog-fox carrying animals on it’s humpy back?

And now for your close-up dog-fox.

It takes all sorts.

On top of the cool paintings come funny little men and women dotting the floors above eyeline:

Hi you up there!

Could think up a clever metaphor about the city juggling history and the onslaught of capitalism with…something else (mass tourism perhaps?). But I’m not going to bother.

When I fish, I get bananas too.

In other news…

Today was my first full day in Bogota and in fact South America. I enrolled on a Spanish course which includes an hour’s dance lesson every day and went to a couchsurfing social evening. There were no couchsurfers, that I met anyway, but lots of people wanting to practice their language skills. I met some cool people, took sensible advantage of the free and then cheap beers. And came home by 11pm to blog and be ready and raring for another day exploring this rabbit warren of an east meets west city.

Tomorrow my aims are:

Sort out a mobile phone, get some door keys, draw some more, explore a park to run in or climb the massive mountain on my doorstep.

Once again, muchos gracias Javier, my couchsurfing host. Another great day topped off by some Colombian mystery called Rapas which he’s cooking for me now.