Why I REALLY love roadtrips

First, let’s start with a song:

Freeride by Jefferson Airplane

Roadtrips are when I feel most free. It’s hot, the windows are down and the air is rushing through the car. I’m in the passenger seat watching the world whirl past, the music is perfect and I fall into a dreamy state of exhilaration. Because I have no worries. I’m not supposed to be doing anything apart from sitting back – no improving myself by learning, no trying to draw perfectly, pressurising myself and wondering if I can make my dream come true – a life supported by my art, no pressure to even talk. The air is thicker with a magic soup of freedom and anticipation. We don’t know where we’re heading or what we’ll see. Even around the next corner.

Here are some photos of recent roadtrips.

Taking the Saddle Road between two enormous volcanoes on Big Island, Hawaii. Tyler made the trip. Driving the whole way, making the most of the turns on the empty road. We drove into the sunset and down to Kona.

Dreamy view heading into the sun, above the cloud line. Thanks Tyler.

On the Saddle Road again a week later, but with a different crew. Less dreamy, more RAAAAHHHHH!!!!

We are The Honks. These guys gave me a whole new side to my Hawaii trip. I hitchhiked 3 hours to Hilo on Big Island having met Hunter (guy driving) once. We drove up to Jonathan’s farm and there began a little drinking session that lasted a healthy 3 days. Aw, good times.

My last day on Big Island Cory, Tyler and Liz took me to another beautiful white sand beach backed by black lava fields and fringed by palm trees. We all piled in, including Rua the dog.

Not much music in the back of a pick up, but lots of good chat.

Rua got the comfiest seat.

The end of an eventful roadtrip always ends in booze. But not usually when you’re still supposed to be on it. Gina and I had been driving around Maui, camping as we went, but on the last leg on the deserted desert side of the island we broke down. After hitchhiking in a semi trailer, a car with two local sisters, a tourist couple on island for their daughter’s wedding and a cool old guy smoking a joint who looks after one of the local churches, we gave up trying to fix the car and called the tow truck. While we waited, we decanted our red wine into healthy organic tea bottles and toasted our roadtrip.

So this one’s a story…

In Barbados I stayed with my old school friend Penny and her lovely husband Rob. Last Saturday nine of us went adventuring around the island on a little adventure.

Aren’t they cute?! They totally looked after me. Thanks for an amazing holiday guys!

And later I switched cars. Penny and Rob drove off to look after their puppies (truth) and I stretched my legs in the back of Enrique’s jeep with Brandon.

Sipping rum and cokes roadtrip style in plastic cups.

Just a little stop we made…

And so ladies and gents, those are a few reasons why I love a good roadtrip.

PS. Take a look at the lyrics to the song you’ve been listening to: Freeride lyrics.

Wide and free.