Bogota from above

Bogota is edged on the east side by two big hills – Monserrate and Guadalupe, icons of this massive city. Yesterday, along with eight others I climbed Monserrate from the base at 2600 metres above sea level to its summit – 3,152 metres up. Despite the altitude and ridiculously steep climb, this wasn’t as hard as it could have been. The way is evenly paved stone steps punctuated by the occasional donkey and friendly vendors selling cheese and strawberry jam snacks called mermelada. The view is amazing from even a short way up and at the top we saw a rainbow.

Less than halfway up.

The whole way up!

It rained some of the way up, but by the time we were ready to turn back it was beautiful sunshine.

She must climb up the hill with all that paraphernalia every day. She was very nice allowing a photo.

The team at the top. Yes they did play rugby on the way up, loco gringos.

Just after this photo was taken a VERY enthusiastic young Colombian girl descended upon us with a group of about ten friends. She shoved a camera near my hand and naturally I thought she wanted a group photo taken. I was partly right. She wanted a photo taken of all her friends AND our group! Shame I didn’t get a photo of it, would have been hilarious.

I am still couchsurfing, but a friend of a friend (got to love facebook) is living down the road in a hostel and these are his friends. He was still sleeping when we left though 🙂

It’s really beautiful at the top. There’s a 17th century church, a couple of beautiful posh restaurants, a market street and this building.

Looking directly away from Bogota is beautiful forest and a rainbow!

And today, I head to Latin America’s biggest music festival… Not taking a camera though, no way Jose.