Playing Portraiture in a cathedral made of salt, Colombia

I suit purple.

I’ve been in Bogota, and indeed South America for two weeks now and it’s kind of coming together. My couchsurfing experience has been amazing and Javi has let me stay three weeks! A bit longer than the three days most hosts expect their wandering guests to bed down for. Right now Javi has four couchsurfers staying because Malena (the Argentinian girl) and I haven’t quite left when we said we would. Malena’s been here almost two months! Francis from Holland, Vera from Germany and Javi are playing a card game on the dining room table while I antisocially tap away next to them.

One problem with couchsurfing can be that you don’t meet so many people, especially other travellers with whom to continue the journey. My language school Nueva Lengua has been amazing. The best thing about it is the quality of teaching. Games, much interaction and no English allowed in the classrooms, even for total beginners like me have made the lessons the most enjoyable and rewarding I’ve experienced. This includes the month-long intensive Swedish I took when I lived there. On the first day us newbies were told that the school is like a family. So true. Now I’m about to travel with Paul from the school and his two friends – one German girl Tara and Voula, a Greek.

Today we explored the Salt Cathedral about an hour’s bus ride outside Bogota, just for an afternoon out the city. The bus system is mental. You take a city bus to Portal del Norte which as far as I can tell is a giant bus stop on a motorway, not a terminal. Cross over the footbridge to a ramshackle line of buses which are being moved on by whistle-blowing police at snail’s pace. Keep asking in broken Spanish for the right bus, then jump on it as it’s still moving.

The Salt Cathedral is MASSIVE. Words can not explain how huge it is and judging by the 3D film we saw at the end, we saw the tip of the saltberg. One of the three floors is still a working mine.

The lighting is fantastic and we had great fun being arty farty. Here are some pics.

There were a lot of these crosses each one depicting a stage of Christ’s crucifixion.

The light was haunting, but it smelt of dark and sulphur.

He looks blind doesn’t he? You wait til the next one.