A country weekend Colombia style

Bogota has its beautiful parts – La Candelaria, the old town where I lived for three weeks, and up north in the smart part where I didn’t go. But it’s a big, dirty, poluted city. I loved many things about it – the colorful street art decorating every other wall, the beautiful Colombian women, the rainbows shining through the rain, the fact that the Bogotonians (made that word up) speak nice clear Spanish. I didn’t like the lack of green spaces and not feeling safe. And I’ve decided I’m not a city person. By week 2, I needed to get out. So I kidnapped my friend Paul from language school and we bussed up to Villa de Leyva.

Here’s where we stayed – the nicest hostel I’ve ever been to: Colombian Highland.

Nice hostel hey? We stayed here for £3 each.

Big Main Square.

We arrived in the dark, drank beer by a campfire at the hostel and then set our the next morning with our new friend Jay to explore some waterfalls. First, from the bus terminal down the road from the main square we caught a minibus to Santa Sofia where the walk starts.

Main square at Santa Sofia. Go to the far left in the photo and start walking…

The outskirts of Santa Sofia – this graveyard is where we met Manuella.

Manuella was amazing. She showed us the way on our walk, leading us for five hours. Without her we would have got lost. This is Manuella.

This is Manuella in her home.

Just a typical view north of Bogota:

A patchwork blanket. Not all desert, beaches and Bogota in Colombia.

The Angel Pass walk makes you cross a tiny bit of stone, which made me quite nervous…

Steep drop either side…

We made it to the first waterfall…

TO EXPLAIN THE LENGTH OF THIS POST: My harddrive died this week and I lost all my photos. And I’m putting these up so my family can see what I’ve been up to in the first proper Colombia entry and stop worrying.

Paul, Jay, Manuella and I reached the first waterfall beyond Angel Pass:

Sitting on the edge of a waterfall in the dry season. Wow.

We walked back along the path and over the Angel Pass again, then turned further down the road to the next waterfall. The boys relaxed and I went exploring behind it. Can you see the boys just to the left of the waterfall in the distance…

From behind the waterfall. At this point I’d dropped my camera so now the zoom no longer works. Wah.

We headed back to Bogota Sunday night for another week of Spanish school and then yesterday (Saturday) I left for San Gil. A whole ‘nother story…