My life as an artist is starting!

The rolling, folding hills of Los Yungas, Bolivia

Takubamba Hostel, where I took my Spanish lessons, had beers and supper with friends, had breakfast every morning. So relaxing.

I’M IN CUSCO (Peru)! This is my new favourite city in South America. And today I’m starting my first ever mural. Goodbye A3 sketchbook (ok, I love you really), hello enormous scary wall! I’m painting the picture of the mountains shown at the top of this post. I might overlay it with colourful flying phoenixes twirling their beautiful long tail feathers. Or little cartoon llamas…. Suggestions welcome. It’s going to be in the corridor between the two gorgeous courtyards at Kokopelli hostel. Thanks Kokopelli for putting me up for free while I paint! My life as an artist is starting….